I will setup Fix Secure LINUX FreeBSD Solaris

setup Fix Secure LINUX FreeBSD Solaris

About This Gig

Expert Solutions for your Linux/OpenWRT/FreeBSD/Solaris/Windows Server issues

  • Set up Servers and Services 
  • Analyze what your Server needs
  • Fix issues with Servers and Services
  • Secure them from external attacks 
  • Do Performance Tuning and 
  • Manage VPS or Dedicated servers  on monthly basis

  • Any Hosting Control Panel          (2 gigs)
  • VPS Server with LAMP/LEMP    (4 gigs)
  • Dedi Server with LAMP/LEMP    (6 gigs)


  • Check the Server & Recommend what is needed (1 gig)          (A basic review of your server)


  • Depends on the issue


  • Secure SSH  (2 gig)
  • Setup & Configure iptables  (4 gig)
  • Setup & Configure DenyHosts/fail2ban  (4 gig)
  • Setup & Configure rkhunter/chkrootkit  (4 gig)


  • VPS Server Management   (10 gigs/month)
  • Dedicated Server Mgmt      (12 gigs/month)

100% Moneyback Guarantee if you are not satisfied with my work

Maximum time to complete these tasks is 10 Days, I may have
pending orders to work on. so if you are in a harry you will have
to order this with ExtraFast option, which costs $20.