I will give you expert fertility advice

give you expert fertility advice

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  I will give you concise, accurate information and my opinion. And answer 1 additional question. I will give you detailed information and my opinion. And answer up to 3 additional questions. 30-45 min. call where I will answer questions, give you advice/options and help process feelings.
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About This Gig

I have soooo much experience with infertility! It's amazing, but sometimes, we go through so much that we end up knowing more than most doctors -- that is definitely the case here.

I can help you figure out issues with your cycles, your hormones (as they relate to reproduction), the best time to get pregnant, when to take ovulation tests for accurate results, which pregnancy tests give the fastest results and more!

Do you have questions about artificial insemination, IVF, Pre-Implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) or donor eggs? Afraid to ask your friends or go to a doctor or just need some real information in plain English? I'm here! I have undergone 5 IVF cycles with varying degrees of success and can help you navigate the tricky, complicated and often anxiety filled process.

My background as a grief therapist as well as my own experiences with multiple miscarriages can help you if you are going through a threatened or actual miscarriage. I can help you with practical, emotional and spiritual coping mechanisms.

No matter what you're going through as it relates to trying to become pregnant with a take-home baby, I can help with real world advice and emotional support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information do you need from me to start?
    Please describe your specific situation and include age, known medical issues, and what you have already tried. Let me know how I can help you and I will do my heartfelt best.