I will create an Erotica or Romantic book Blog tour

create an Erotica or Romantic book Blog tour

About This Gig

Your romantic or erotic/erotica book is ready to take part in a book blog tour! This will get your writing the attention it needs.

This gig includes: 

2 Blog Blasts - inclusion of the description and where to buy the book 

1. In some circumstances it may take longer to secure your spot due to the many other authors that are lined up to promote.

2. Some reasons why your gig may take longer or is simply not chosen to be featured:
-poor front cover design, yes, people judge books by their covers
-no press kit* of which I can use to promote you; only including a picture of the cover is not enough
*If you need a press kit let me know so that I can create a gig just for you

3. Your tour may take place at least 1 month out, so take this in to consideration as you may have a deadline. 
Gig Paused