I will write for you excellent resumes and Cover Letters

write for you excellent resumes and Cover Letters

About This Gig

I will write excellent resume and cover that will make your your hunting be easy. 
Be sure to have the following attended to.
Branding Headline. This is something I don’t see often on a résumé, yet it’s what can set you apart from the average job hunter. It tells an employer who you are, e.g. job-matching title, and what your areas of strength are.
High Impact Performance Profile. This is a section on a résumé that sometimes gets overlooked in a reviewer’s rush to get to the Work History. However, if you throw something in that immediately expresses your value, such as a bolded accomplishment statement, your Performance Profile will not be overlooked. Consider the following WOW statement:
Core Competencies. Consider the person who’s reading tons of résumés, and consider how he’s looking for the key skills for the position. Now consider how easy you’ll make his job if you have a section that lays out those skills and any additional skills that could be a tie-breaker