I will perform a remove sin spell

perform a remove sin spell
perform a remove sin spell

About This Gig


Let's hear those JuiCy SeCrets & SinS! Release the burdens weighing you down. 
Have you committed a sin that you would like to confess but have no 
one you can trust to tell? Perhaps this is a secret that no one can know.
Confess your sins or secrets to me for a weight lifted off your shoulders, feel free again.
Nothing you could say would offend me & it will remain private.

Are you afraid for your soul? Be forgiven.

The basic $5 gig comes with a BoNuS special prayer of stress relief & clarity for you.
  • I will have you forgiven for sin through my own prayer and spiritual meditation 
  •  I will cleanse you of negative energy and bad aura through meditation and prayer ritual.-  $10
  • I will remove past life sins and cleanse past life- $5

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2 days delivery


Remove sin