I will post 50 flyers around USF in Tampa

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Excellent work, thanks! Highly recommended.
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Great communication, tailored the service to our needs, very timely. Will use again in the future!
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This is a GREAT gig! Trying to figure out more ways to work with this seller, definitely a Fiverr 1 in 10 for excellent!
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amazing work!! would hire her again right now!
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Outstanding Experience!
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great work I will let you know how they perform. thanks for your effort
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Great experience thanks for your work
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Great Job! Thank You!
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Thanks for posting my flyer in so many places on campus. I just may use you again.
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thank you so much for your help well done
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She dod what she promised wasnt worried bout how long it took i know she got other clients thank u
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Thanks ... Great feedback
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goodjob laurenh
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post 50 flyers around USF in Tampa
post 50 flyers around USF in Tampa

About This Gig

For only $5, I will post fifty flyers for you business, product, company, etc. all around the campus of USF in Tampa, Florida. I can even create one for you if you need it! (Just order a gig Extra). They can be posted on anywhere from bulletin boards to vending machines to bathroom stalls and they will be up for long periods of time. USF is attended by over 45,000 students so you will be sure to have a wide variety of people see your flyers and get plenty of new business. The campus is also nearly 2,000 acres large, so there are plenty of places to post flyers. As proof, I ll send you five pictures of some of the flyers that I post for you. Don't forget to check out my gig Extras!

Order Details

3 days delivery

Black and White Flyers

50 black and white flyers posted in 3 days