I will search Trademark, Patent and Industrial Design

Superb service and learned advice once again. I continue to use their services. Highly recommended
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search Trademark, Patent and Industrial Design
search Trademark, Patent and Industrial Design
search Trademark, Patent and Industrial Design

About This Gig


Trademark search is done before filing to ensure that the proposed mark does not cause likelihood of confusion with an already applied mark or a registered trademark.


A patent search keeps you from wasting a lot of time and money on an invention that would be not be patentable or at least very difficult to obtain meaningful patent protection for. A good search can turn up prior inventions that could potentially bar an inventor from obtaining a patent. A good search also predicts the expected objections at Patent Office.

Industrial Design Search

Design Search helps you know whether your proposed design is new and distinctive, and therefore worth registering or not. The main types of design searches include Design registers and databases, Prior art, Infringement searches, Free to use searches and Competitor/name based searches

I will Search for Trademark, Patent and Design at USPTO, IPO-UK, CIPO (Canada) Australia, New Zealand, WIPO, EUIPO, India and Pakistan

Please Note: Basic $5 Gig is for discussion, informal advice and nonformal opinion. For services my wages shall be invoiced.  If you just want my labour assessment or a quote, Message me before Gig Order.