I will record a sloppy and UNPROFESSIONAL Testimonial

Excellent service and i would highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks!
Reviewed by jprosper 7 months ago
Lawrence is the man!! His testimonials have an air of authenticity to them. As if he's talking more off the top of his head. Highly recommended! Great job!
Reviewed by cwhiteco 8 months ago
00:00 / 00:00
Great job! Really quick, efficient and friendly. Thanks ;)
Reviewed by jeremyhutchison 8 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by rambofitness 9 months ago
Very Nice. Thank you.
Reviewed by dwsales 9 months ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by zaidq2 9 months ago
Great job again. I will come back for more again. He's so good. We are delighted!
Reviewed by jjrichards 10 months ago
Thank you for your great work!
Reviewed by zhoucaven 10 months ago
Fast delivery, good quality :)
Reviewed by wwwmedia4u 10 months ago
well done, very creative, followed the direction with minimal guidance.
Reviewed by alkeshpatel 10 months ago
Definitely the best on fiverr. Good job! Will order again if I needed. Thanks a lot man! Great job!
Reviewed by ayzinham 10 months ago
Delivered in less than 5 hours and with 2 takes, both super natural. Best experience on Fiverr yet!
Reviewed by mandikt5895 11 months ago
brilliant as always
Reviewed by lberdugo 11 months ago
You are the best! I really have what I wanted. Thanks and will definitely come back to your gig. Thank you!!!!
Reviewed by jjrichards 11 months ago
a history of art, a successful rendering. this project, completed, but incompleting a future project. the work is excellent, delivered by sunrise. reviewed, accepted and promoted.
Reviewed by un1crom 11 months ago
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Lawrenceiscool is the best! I recommend him! -Dax
Reviewed by peepsqueeze 11 months ago
Great great great service.
Reviewed by srcnckr 12 months ago
Thanks very well done and natural looking as described!
Reviewed by stanptt 12 months ago
there's no one better to give testimony to the product that is my life, than LIC.
Reviewed by un1crom 12 months ago
00:00 / 00:00
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by vitanovangel 12 months ago
record a sloppy and UNPROFESSIONAL Testimonial
record a sloppy and UNPROFESSIONAL Testimonial

About This Gig

"Fiverr's best kept secret!"
"The best actor on this site!"

Tired of stiff, robotic reviewers with no sense of Naturalness or Realism?

*Please Read Before Ordering*
I perform your script in a natural style.
  • 1 gig = 30 words
  • Over 200 words = Must Message
  • Bullet Points (RECOMMENDED) or Scripts accepted.

Important Notes:
  • NO ADULT THEMES but ask if you're not sure ;)
  • I Receive Products! See my extras below.
  • This is "SLOPPY UNPROFESSIONAL" acting! If you would like a style different from this, please let me know before ordering.
  • Repeat takes due to changes to the script (NOT a result of my own error) must be paid for.

Looking forward to working with you! See ya soon =)

**HIGHLY RECOMMEND messaging me first!
I reserve the right to cancel any order!