I will proof read 1500 words in Romanian in 12 hours or less

proof read 1500 words in Romanian in 12 hours or less

About This Gig

I have done proofreading for more than 2 years now, Monday to Friday for about 12 hours a day (so you can say I have seen a lot of words). What I'm trying to say is that your text will be in safe hands and will be all shiny and most off all correct when I am done with it.

I am a fiverr newbie but fear not, I take everything I do seriously, and I can guarantee you will be happy with the outcome. After all, I'm trying to build a reputation here :)

I do not outsource, I will personally read every word and spot every comma that wants to join the party when it wasn't really invited and doesn't belong.

If you have any questions, drop me a line, I answer everyone within 30 minutes between 6am - 11:30pm London time.

You will receive:
- The proofread document with comments of what has been changed
- The proofread document without the comments of what has been changed - ready to print, attach, show
- A screenshot of the changes made, in case it's easier to follow rather than going through the entire document spotting the blue line

Looking forward working with you :)

Order Details

1 day delivery

Proofread and edit up to 1500 words

I will rewrite awkward sentences and proofread up to 1500 words

Number of words
This Package includes 1500 words. For each additional 1500 words, the price is $5.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you proofread larger projects?
    Yes, I am happy to proofread larger projects. Drop me a line with the quantity and area (technical stuff may take longer) and I will give you an estimated price and delivery time.
  • What if my project is 1510 words, do I need to buy another gig?
    Truth be told, those 10 words may not even be required in the final form of the text. So in plain English, no, you don't, I will do it for the price of 1 gig.