I will write ENTERTAINING fairy tale or short story

write ENTERTAINING fairy tale or short story

About This Gig

Tell me a name or more, a pets name, a city and the favorite activity of the protagonist so I will make up your metaphoric and comic fairy tale which can be told to little kids before going to sleep but also for entertainment and other purposes.

The menu for this dinner is:

1. Portion for a person (vegetables and fruits only) 1-201 words for only 5 Dollars

2. Portion for a couple (extra drinks made by uncle Joe with love and passion) 202 - 303 words for 10$

3. Friendly reunion with your childhood friends (eating waffles and drinking creamy Italian cappuccino )  304 - 450 words for 20$

4. Family gathered again in front of the fire-place (You can see here 3 generations of little kids, little mid kids and little old kids gathered all together for making a selfie for Christmas) 451 - 700 words for 30$


Let you have a full day of love,
Ledio Bilali