I will create Social Media Saturation for your Indie Film

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by leomarkstudios 3 months ago
I was skeptical but this turned out very well. Thank you Lee for the kind words about the film and for the honest work here on Fiverr.
Reviewed by jmorris500 6 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by olswanger 6 months ago
Great Service.
Reviewed by angelsynn 8 months ago
Excellent work, Lee - thanks as always for all your help!
Reviewed by quoteoftheday 8 months ago
Awesome Job and great exposure
Reviewed by zionstudios 9 months ago
Thanks, Lee - excellent work!!
Reviewed by oxytocin4you 9 months ago
Fast, superb, caring work - many thanks!!
Reviewed by oxytocin4you 10 months ago
So many thanks, Lee - you're an inspiration!!
Reviewed by finisheachday 10 months ago
Excellent work - impassioned, precise, and lightning quick - a real boon to indie artists! Thanks, Lee!
Reviewed by finisheachday 10 months ago
Thanks, Lee - fabulous work as always, and much appreciated!
Reviewed by finisheachday 11 months ago
That's great, Lee - thanks for your excellent work, and all best wishes.
Reviewed by finisheachday 11 months ago
Thanks, Lee - excellent work!
Reviewed by finisheachday 11 months ago
Incredibly helpful, thank you!
Reviewed by beanjay over 1 year ago
Very good service, highly recommend
Reviewed by michaeltn over 1 year ago
Amazing Fast service
Reviewed by mybrightbluesky over 1 year ago
Great Fiverr Value! Excellent Professional Work!
Reviewed by jkhollywood over 1 year ago
Your service is so amazing! We are already getting TONS of attention on Twitter!! Thank you so much!!!!
Reviewed by shaddowmusic almost 2 years ago
Top Fiverr Experience! Excellent Work from Someone Who Cares!
Reviewed by jkhollywood about 2 years ago
create Social Media Saturation for your Indie Film
create Social Media Saturation for your Indie Film
create Social Media Saturation for your Indie Film

About This Gig

Send me a link to view your film (at no cost to me) and I will create a one week Twitter campaign using my three ID's.  This must be your film or you must show a clear association with the film creator.

Each week purchased will include a total of 40 tweets.  Every tweet will have targeted Hashtag words like #supportindiefilm to draw an audience to your film.

I am a great fan of horror,  action,  drama, comedy, science fiction, thrillers, documentaries etc. I have favorite films in all genres in varies stages of promotion.

I will not accept any material that would receive an X rating from the film board or films that focus on torture of humans or animals known in the film industry as torture porn.   The only exception is for Documentaries exposing animal cruelty.  If you are promoting hate I will not accept your gig... In other words I retain the right of refusal.

No pages that are only film link farms to generate revenue from advertising.  This gig is for filmmakers to promote their work.

Order Details

4 days delivery

Indie Film 40 Tweets in a week

Each week purchased will include a total of 40 tweets. Campaign to begin within 4 days.