I will answer 2 questions using Tarot Cards

answer 2 questions using Tarot Cards

About This Gig

I have been reading Tarot Cards for a few years now. I've made readings on myself, my friends, my family, and a few co-workers and so far my readings have been accurate. I can answer mostly any type of question but if you're confused, here's some example questions you can use!

How will my trip go?
How is my family member/friend doing?
Should I do ________?
How is my financial situation going to be?
Is this new relationship going to work out?
How will this next week/month go?
How is my pet?/What is my pet thinking?
Any Yes or No question.

Obviously these are not the only questions I can answer. These are only some examples that may give you ideas if you seem at a loss of what to ask.

An in depth description of your reading will be sent to you with your order in a word document. If you prefer another format, you may ask for it.

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2 days delivery