I will review and draft any contract for you

review and draft any contract for you

About This Gig

I can advise on matters relating to power project companies, particularly with regards to the initial setting up of a plant and the documentation required for different types of approvals required from government.

I can review and draft all types of agreements including sale deed, lease deed, partnership agreements, exchange deeds, pre-investment agreements, share purchase agreements, consultancy and settlement agreements etc.

I can conduct legal and regulatory due diligence for various clients. I can advise you on the regulatory compliances in relation to your company.

I can provide you with legal opinions on various matters including land acquisition procedures, payable taxes under stamp act and registration act.

I can advise you on company incorporation, land acquisition procedures, business acquisition instruments and dispute resolution.

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review and drafting of contracts

review & draft contracts of all types, proof reading, legal drafting of any type

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