I will write all legal documents, contracts and agreements

write all legal documents, contracts and agreements

About This Gig

There are situations where you must have a certain type of document for legal reasons. Some of these have to be prepared in a certain way.

The contract will be concise, easy to read and understand and will provide a facility for the employer and employee signatures and date.

I will write any of the following legal documents depending on what you need me to write:

Independent Contractors Agreement
Memorandum of agreement
Real Estate Purchase Agreement
Sales Agreement
Purchase Agreement
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Employment Contract
Lease Agreements
Website Design Contracts
Shareholders Agreement
Non-Circumvention Agreement
Investment Contract
Partnership Agreements
Legal letters 
Terms and conditionsPower of attorney
Privacy policy and disclaimer page

I guarantee my esteemed buyers the highest standards of professionalism and competence in my services. Please ask for a quote before you purchase.  Legal consults are free with every purchase!

NB: No templates used to draft your legal document

                 ***Satisfaction is guaranteed**** Otherwise a full refund***          

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5 days delivery unlimited Revisions


write all legal documents, contracts and agreements

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is needed from me to get you started?
    I need information regarding the nature of the agreement,details of the parties to the agreement and the important clauses you want to be captured in the agreement. I work out the rest of the provisions based on my industry experience to deliver and wholly encompassing document.
  • What is a contract?
    A contract is an agreement between two or more persons (e.g., individuals, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies or government agencies) to do, or to refrain from doing, a particular thing in exchange for something of value.
  • What are the key elements of a binding contract?
    The elements of a contract are: (i) an agreement; (ii) between competent parties; (iii) based upon the genuine assent of the parties; (iv) supported by consideration; (v) made for a lawful objective; and (vi) in the form required by law.
  • Isn’t an agreement the same thing as a contract?
    No, an agreement is only one element of a contract. If all six elements are not present, there is no contract.
  • What is an agreement then?
    An agreement arises when at least one person, the offeror, makes an offer and the person or persons to whom the offer is made, the offeree, accepts. There must be both an offer and an acceptance. If either is not present, there is no agreement and therefore no contract.
  • What format do you provide the document in?
    You will receive the document in Microsoft Word or in PDF format
  • What type of formatting is used in the documents?
    Single or double columns may be used. The font used is generally either Arial or Times New Roman with the font size ranging from 9 to 12 points.