I will record a special message as Elvis

Wow.... Just...Wow... The King has a new voice!!! Amazing!!! We will be a good team because I will come back again and again!
Reviewed by jaredsanchez 8 months ago
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Fab service as always!! :-)
Reviewed by djeden79 12 months ago
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The audio file I needed was delivered a day early and was exactly what I needed. Thanks!
Reviewed by jbhightower about 1 year ago
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Absolutely Brilliant!!!!! Love it! great service!! Many thanks!!
Reviewed by djeden79 about 1 year ago
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Good stuff!
Reviewed by rosezuk over 1 year ago
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Thought this product (song Love Me Tender) was going to be a gag gift. Boy! Was I wrong! It is a gem! Great quality and beautifully done. Legendary Fun is going to get my business. What a surprise this is going to be. Imagine dancing and Bang! on comes Love Me Tender with that personal touch.
Reviewed by blindabilities about 2 years ago
record a special message as Elvis
record a special message as Elvis

About This Gig

In this special Mother's Day Gig you will get a personalized recording as The King Of Rock & Roll that will make your Mother or Grandmother smile. 

Here's what you get.

- MP3 recording
- Customized recording with your Mothers/Grandmothers name
- super fast turnaround time for Mothers day

Please watch the video to listen to what you will get. (With the music added extra gig)