I will build a Gaming PC for you

build a Gaming PC for you

About This Gig

You want new Gaming PC, but you're not the best one with its building?
Okay, it's okay. Plenty of gamers aren't the best PC builders, but I'll help you with that.

Depending on your personal preferences and budget I'll build you PC with:
- Intel or AMD processor
- Nvidia or AMD graphic card
- Gaming PC that can run most games or all of them on ulta/high/medium settings
- Is better optimized for specific games (eg. Ubisoft games better optimized for Nvidia)

All that you're getting for only 5$.

NOTE: For prices I will use Amazon.com and will give you links to components. I'll give you plenty of choices and will optimize it for your budget several times.

Order Details

3 days delivery 5 Revisions

Great Gaming PC

For only 5$ I will build you a MONTSER PC depending on your preferences and wishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you selling PC's for 5$ and am I getting new PC for that price?
    No. I'm giving you specifications of the perfect PC for you, and I'm telling which one is currenly better and suggesting you what to buy.
  • Where you get prices of components and are they new?
    All prices I'm sending you are from Amazon.com for new components. If you want to, you can tell me which site you want to buy your PC from, so I could look for prices on it.
  • Why would I want advice from you?
    I'll give my honest suggestions and help you choose the best for your money. While, if you go to buy in the store, shop-assistant won't give you best suggestions, but the one dealer want him to sell and will most likely trick you.