I will convert your document to a fixed layout ePub3

I will use her services again and again as I do more of this kind of work. I am sooooo grateful. She is a genius.
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convert your document to a fixed layout ePub3
convert your document to a fixed layout ePub3
convert your document to a fixed layout ePub3

About This Gig

I will convert your material (InDesign idml, Word, Pages, PDF) to a fixed layout ePub3. I can also help troubleshooting ePub3.

I have several years of experience in ePub coding, specializing in ePub3 fixed layout. For a fiverr, I will convert two pages (one spread) with image placement to fixed layout. For more pages, select more basic gigs. For just text and an occasional heading, see gig extras.

- For integrated TOC - select the corresponding extra gig.
- For ePubs with text in other directions, e.g. Japanese or Arabic – request custom offer.
- I can also add audio and video, CSS animations, SMIL text markup and JS interactivity for your book – request custom offer.

Why choose me? I am dedicated, thorough and pay sharp attention to detail. My coding is as well structured as the result.

Text MUST be machine readable - no jpegs or pngs of text will be accepted as source material.

Include all metadata with your material – title, author, publisher (if applicable), language, ISBN (if applicable, must be unique and not same as printed book)

For best result - all images should also be sent separately, as well as any special font you want to use. Make sure the font is eligible for embedding.

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