I will pick out a tattoo based on life events and more

pick out a tattoo based on life events and more

About This Gig

After hearing a brief summary about a certain life event, and listing a few of your interest, I can suggest a few tattoo ideas that would be beautiful yet meaningful in your life. 

In total, I have five tattoos - all of which hold meanings while being disguised in the beauty of my favorite things. 

For example, the wolf is a loyal creature - one who mates for life and suffers depression from the loss of a loved one. These creatures attach to one another, yet are considered "loners" to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, my fiance and grandmother - two of the most important, influential people in my life passed away. My grandmother as a child. My fiance when I was eighteen. Without them, I was lost. I could sympathize with that wolf and my depression had many believing I was simply a loner. By using a skull to represent the wolf, I am tying in the death of those near to me. Roses happened to be both of their favorite flowers - and blue their favorite colors. 

I do not only have a piece of artwork on my thigh, but an everlasting commemoration of a life changing event. All my tattoos have a meaning behind the beauty. Let me helps yours to do the same.

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