I will create a Zoho CRM workflow flowchart for your business

create a Zoho CRM workflow flowchart for your business
create a Zoho CRM workflow flowchart for your business
create a Zoho CRM workflow flowchart for your business

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Description Workflow flowchart - Basic Gig Workflow with features-Standard Gig Implementing it - Master Gig
  From leads to closing deal. Thru conversions and opportunities stages. Know where and how to go. same as basic, but each stage commented acordingly with Zoho tools/features used to make it run Implement it all with: 2 forms 2 workflows 5 Macros total All modules customized as needed
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About This Gig

You know you must have a CRM tools to organize your sales and contacts. You know you need to have all info in your mobile to make my customer feels like he is the most important person for my organization.
You have to be fast on delivering quotes and catch up last conversation we had a few months ago so we can continue our conversation - Zoho CRM Tools delivers all those informations and much more.
But, how do they work? How are they going to help me grow? How to start? What should be expected from it? What is the first step?
Choosing this gig, I will send you some questions to understand your business and map all the workflow by doing a flowchart with main ponts, process with explaning Zoho concept.
With this document you will have a clear view of how Zoho will answer and solve your problems.

Standard - I wil not only describe how the information will flow, but some tools Zoho has as Workflow, Macros and other features that will help gain time on managing all that info.

Finally, on the last one, I will not only describe, but also implement and make everything described work. I can go from setting up your account to closing deals, activities, sales order, services, purchases, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I receive this document?
    All of them on a pdf document with workflow flowchart showing what is process, questions and options, described as hired with gig.
  • How are you going to access my account?
    If you don't have any, I will set up one. If you have and it is empty, you change password and send me your login and new password. After all changing, you move back to the old password If you have data, and don't want o send email and passord, we will set that up thru TEAMVIEWER (extra gig)