I will give an original idea for any problem for $5

/ 5 Days On Average
give an original idea for any problem
give an original idea for any problem

About This Gig

I'm very good. Test me!

Some possible areas of problems are:

 “The Relationships” (solving problems in the people’s relationship between near and dear)

“The Different” (being different and original)

“The Free time” (optimization and increase of the free time)

“The Fashion” (inventing self-fashion clothes and accessories)

“The Love” (expressing love)

“The Compulsion” (forcing to solve troublesome problem)

“The Advantages and the Disadvantages” (finding the advantages and disadvantages of man and other objects)

“Getting Away from an Embarrassing Situation” (ways, which can be used for escaping an embarrassing situation)

“The Humour” (generating humour in everyday life)

 “I Never Lie” (telling the truth without lying)

“The Positive and the Negative Characteristics” (finding the opposite aspects of situations, events or problems)

“The Appropriate Phrase” (getting an original phrase or an aphorism for every situation)

"The Arrangement" (arrangement of any objects)

" The Mockery" (revenge or fun by mockery)

 Etc. (anything that occurs in everyday life except for medical problems)