I will give exceptional advice on Love, Romance and Sex

give exceptional advice on Love, Romance and Sex

About This Gig

I have an MA in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and been a Romance Consultant for many years. I've appeared as an expert on national TV and 100s of radio call-in shows dispensing advice. 

I've produced and sold an audiotape series called "Romanceworks for Those Seeking Love and Marriage," which includes my "Lovewise" Seminar. I've filmed a video called "Falling in Love Made Easy." Through these channels I have reached 1000s of people and helped them achieve their dreams. I would be honored to work with you.

Does this sound familiar?

I'm tired of being alone but I just can't find anyone to love.  I feel like I've put my whole life on hold looking for real love.
How do I know if this relationship will work out?  Am I wasting time?
My time is running out, why can't I find a mate?

If any of this sounds familiar, contact me about:
    1.  Taking control of your love life.
    2.  Why people fall in love.
    3.  An action plan for attracting love. 
    4.  Keeping the romance and sex alive.
    6.  When to commit and what to expect.
    7.  What does love mean?

Please submit issues on Word doc. 15 min of my time = 1 Gig, 1/2 hr = 2 Gigs, 1 hr = 4 Gigs etc.