I will digitally transform your body

digitally transform your body
digitally transform your body

About This Gig

Have you ever wanted to see what you would look like with a different body? Maybe you want to prank a friend, troll an ex, get a picture for your fridge (weight lost inspiration) whatever you want to do with the pic is up to you! Just purchase my gig, send me your pic (the better quality with less background noise the better result), and let me know what kind of body you want to see yourself with (muscular, ripped, fit, average, dad bod, sexy, fitness model shape, etc.) 

For one gig:
  • Standard black and white image 
  • Medium resolution output
  • One revision
For two gigs:
  • Full color 
  • High resolution output
  • Up to three revisions 
For three gigs:
  • Full color High Resolution
  • Additional editing such as removal of unwanted background objects, people, etc. 

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