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About This Gig

Learn Japanese Language for only $5!!! 

Why learn Japanese language (Nihongo)?

Japanese is the language of the third largest economy in the world, and the home of 68 Fortune 500 companies. Japan is one of the G8 superpowers. Knowing Japanese will set your CV apart and will boost your professional career. It will open new work opportunities to you! By understanding Japanese, you will be able to unlock Japan’s secrets.

Who we are?

We provide creative learning experience in teaching Japanese Language & Culture. We cater global students who would like to enhance their skills and knowledge in Japanese Language & Culture. The advantage for students who would take up our service is that they will have the luxury to study Nihongo (Japanese Language) at their free time and at their own pace provided they own computer or gadget. The creators are certified JLPT passers ranging from N3 and above. We are graduates of International Studies (Japanese Language and Study).

Currently, we offer Basic Nihongo Package (Custom Order). 

Part 1: Japanese Writing

Part 2: Vocabularies

Part 3: Grammar 

A total of 44 Lessons in 1 package. Files format is PDF. 

Please message us for custom order.

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