I will record British DJ drops fx optional


About This Gig


I will record Custom, One Liner, or Pre Recorded professional British DJ drops. FX are optional. I can help you to identify your radio station, brand yourself and name drop your mixes.

Custom Drops (Dry) - $5 for 5 drops

You provide the whole script, 100 words max

OR One Liner Drops (Dry) - $5 for 10 drops

Simply provide your DJ name. These are read from a script but customised to you. For example, "Making it hot ITS (DJ NAME)"


OR One Liner Drops (With FX) - $5 for 5 drops

Again, you provide your DJ name..."This is a (DJ NAME) EXCLUSIVE" with a choice of FX - 1 per DJ drop & 3 per gig


OR Pre Recorded Drops (Dry) - $5 for 25 drops
You don't provide a thing. These have already been pre recorded and include trendy lines such as, 'TURN_IT_UP!', 'You're live in the mix', 'Move your ...' One of the Hottest DJ's', etc


OR Pre Recorded Drops (With FX) - $5 for 15 drops

Again, you don't provide anything. These have already been recorded... with a choice of FX - 1 per DJ drop & 3 per gig

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NB - packages available on other gigs.