I will create clear, accurate sheet music of your song


About This Gig

If you've written a song and would like to get it down on paper, I can help.

What you're saying...

-"Help! I've figured out a cool song on my guitar, but I want to share it with others. Can you notate it for me?"
-"I wrote a piano song, but I didn't literally WRITE it down. I can play it, though. Can you help me write it down?"
-"This catchy melody drifted into my head, and I can't stop humming it. If I hum it to you, can you transcribe it and put it down on paper for me?"

How it works...

INPUT: You send me an audio or video recording of you performing your song/musical idea (with an identifiable melody and harmonic structure).
OUTPUT: I transcribe the song and arrange an easy-to-read, elegant music score of your song. The transcription will stick as closely to your original idea as possible, but slight modifications can be made if desired/requested by the buyer (different key, chord suggestions, etc.)

The standard version of this gig buys you a "LEAD SHEET" style of music:
  • Title, Composer
  • Melody
  • Chord symbols*
  • Lyrics (if applicable)
  • "Road map" (song structure will be clearly reflected)
*If desired, functional harmonic analysis (Roman numeral style: e.g. I - IV - V) can be included as well.

Order Details

4 days delivery