I will provide an Excel word count tracker spreadsheet template

provide an Excel word count tracker spreadsheet template

About This Gig

Do you want to keep track of your daily word count to help optimise your creative output?

I can provide you with a word count tracker template for excel that will allow you to track your word counts by week, month and across the year. 


  • Automated formulas to total your words by week, month and year
  • Conditional formating to show number of words per day at a glance - less than 500 is red, 501-1000 yellow, 1001+ green
  • Second tab within spreadsheet for tracking words on a leap year
  • Third tab within spreadsheet to input projects and estimated word counts - this then populates a 'count down' column within the first tab so you can see how close you are to completing your goals
  • Template format - this means excel will store the file as a template, allowing you to open a fresh spreadsheet again and again, never saving over the blank sheet
  • Sheets are locked, so you can't accidentally break the formulas

As a gig extra, I can personalise the colours, conditional formatting and formulas to your taste.

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