I will be your spokeswoman for your company or service

Allstar Quality work! Many Thanks!
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Great and responsible. Like her
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Thank you! Great experience!
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Excellent work. Brilliant as usual.
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Extra fast delivery LIFEANSWERS. I'm impressed! You're video testimonial was also amazing. Will definitely order from you again! Thanks!
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Outstanding Experience!
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Thank You! You are so Awesome!
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professional job
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Great job
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Good Experience!
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My script was presented very well, most impressive. Will use again.
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Excllent! would work more:)
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Great seller, really good communication, very accommodating and delivered exactly what I wanted. Thanks!
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Always a joy to work with. She is a very versatile worker. Can do anything.
Reviewed by kincslow1 about 2 years ago
Very good testimonial, I would use her again.
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Thanks so much!
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Satisfactory Experience
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She is the best. Better than best.
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A talented performer. Has done the work exceedingly well. Hope to give further assignments in future.
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be your spokeswoman for your company or service
be your spokeswoman for your company or service
be your spokeswoman for your company or service
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About This Gig

I will film a video review of your company, business or service up to 30 seconds or read up to a 50 word script for the price of 1 gig. If you want a video more than 30 seconds or if you have a script more than 50 words, just order another gig. I shoot with a HD quality camera (Please specify if you would like me to shoot on my webcam instead) NO ADULT CONTENT PLEASE!!! Let me know! I'm here to help :)

I am also an experienced actress, so I am able to record both dramatic and comedic scenes as well. 

If you post the video anywhere on the web, can you please send me the link so I can add it to my resume!!! I love seeing my work out there and I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you!