I will add your name to my Reiki Box for 3 days

add your name to my Reiki Box for 3 days
add your name to my Reiki Box for 3 days
add your name to my Reiki Box for 3 days
add your name to my Reiki Box for 3 days

About This Gig

Reiki energy is universal energy and can be used for healing your (a loved one's, or pet's) bodymind, for improving a situation or cleansing a location.

When I place your name/photo into my Reiki Box, I will send you strong Reiki energy for 3 days

Be aware that:
Reiki is NOT a magic solution to all your problems. It IS powerful energy. An open mind to opportunities and working on goals will help set the intention that the recipient desires the positive changes. 

By ordering this Gig, you understand that:

  • I am NOT a medical practitioner and that Reiki works as a compliment to traditional medicine. It is NOT a substitute for medical care. If you have an illness or injury, you acknowledge that you will seek out the care of your medical practitioner. 

  • As Reiki works on the bodymind or situation sometimes the potency of the Reiki, as it removes all that does not serve your best interestscan cause unpleasant physical or emotional side effects. Know that it IS working, ridding your bodymind of lower vibrational energies. If they occur, any side effects won't last long. 
  • The consent is a  requirement.

Order Details

Reiki Box Reiki Session

I will add your or a loved one's name to my Reiki box and focus strong Reiki energy for 3 days.

2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I feel during the Reiki Box Session?
    Many recipients feel a tingling in their hands, feet or other areas of the body. Some people see swirling colors, or hear music or other sounds. Some feel very relaxed or sleepy. Others might not feel anything at all. Rest assured that whatever you feel, the Reiki is working for your higher good.
  • I live in a different country. Does it matter how far I am from you?
    As this is a distance Reiki Box session, distance is of no matter. The Reiki will find you and work for your higher good.
  • What information do I need to provide for this Gig?
    To connect to you, I can use your name, or a photo, or even your Fiverr user name (provided that it's solely YOUR account). If requesting this Gig for a loved one or pet, I need that person's information to help me connect to them. And, their acceptance of the Reiki energy, aka their permission.
  • After my Reiki Box Session I felt rather unwell. Does this mean it didn't work?
    No, this does not mean the Reiki Box Session did not work. The Reiki energy was sent to you and is working for your higher good. The strong Reiki energy creates changes in the bodymind which sometimes, in turn, causes side effects. These don't usually last very long. The Reiki is working for you.
  • I've had my 3 days and nothing has changed. Why didn't the Reiki work?
    Reiki is not a magic solution. Reiki always works for your higher good. It provides the energy for your body to heal itself, for your mind to be open to solutions to problems, it helps direct you to where you need to be to resolve your issue. It gives you the energy; you must take the action.
  • I need a healing. Will Reiki heal me?
    Reiki energy can indeed help your bodymind heal itself. However, I can not guarantee it. I can assure you that Reiki is always good, positive energy. And that Reiki always works for your higher good.
  • Will Reiki grant my wishes?
    Reiki only works for good. And it can help you work towards your desired outcome. But it is not a genie, and does not magically grant wishes. Reiki is indeed powerful energy. It can help you to achieve your goals, provided you are open to the opportunities as they become available.
  • What is a Reiki Box?
    A Reiki Box is a vessel into which I place names or pictures of clients and infuse with Reiki energy. It becomes a Reiki chamber, surrounding and enveloping each client with powerful Reiki energy. While a full Reiki session can last for 30 mins or more, the Reiki Box Session lasts up to 15 mins.