I will give you a 20 minute disance Reiki Energy session

give you a 20 minute disance Reiki Energy session
give you a 20 minute disance Reiki Energy session

About This Gig

Reiki energy is divine universal energy that can assist the bodymind in:

  • healing
  • removing negative energies
  • cleansing locations
  • attracting good fortune and positive outcomes

I will conduct strong Reiki distance energy session for 20 minutes

Reiki IS powerful energy. An open mind to opportunities and working on goals will help set the intention that the recipient desires the positive changes that will occur. 

By ordering this Gig, you understand that:

  • I am NOT a medical practitioner. Reiki works as a compliment to traditional medicine. It is NOT a substitute for medical care. You acknowledge that you will seek out the care of your medical practitioner should you feel that you require medical treatment. 

  • As Reiki works to remove whatever does not serve your best interests, sometimes the potency of the Reiki can cause unpleasant physical or emotional side effects. Know that it IS working, ridding your bodymind of lower vibrational energies. Although rare, any side effects won't last long.

  • Consent to receiving Reiki energy is a  requirement.

Order Details

20 minutes of powerful Reiki energy

I will send you Strong Reiki Energy for: healing, resolving an issue, cleansing a location.

2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I order this for a friend or loved one?
    You can certainly give the gift of Reiki energy to anyone you wish. Simply provide me with a name, nickname or photo of the intended recipient to help me make the energetic connection during the session.
  • What is Reiki?
    Reiki is powerful, healing Universal Energy that always works for the higher good of the recipient.
  • Do I need to do anything special to prepare for the Reiki session?
    Just be ready to accept the Reiki energy and know that it will help remove whatever does not serve your best interests.