I will soundtrack your life moment

soundtrack your life moment

About This Gig

 If you have an event in your life that needs a soundtrack or  background music, look no further. My name is Jonathan, most people call me Jonny, or Jonny 5. I have been a dj for around 20 years. I will put together a playlist of music (about an hour's worth) for you. If you look me up, you will see that I spin Jungle. What you may not find, (unless you dig pretty deep) is that I am also a retired professional classical ballet dancer. In other words, I have a vast repertoire of music. I have played music for many occasions (weddings, corporate events, dinner parties etc.)
Styles Include (but not limited to)
Deep House/Lounge/Chill Out/Classical/Contemporary Classical/Blues/Soul/Reggae/60's/70's/80's/90's/Russian Bard/French/Jazz/Ballads..and more.

Just to let you know, I don't cater to the current form of pop music.
So unfortunately..no Gaga..Biebs..One Direction etc.

Think a lot more sophisticated and unobtrusive.

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