I will consult on patent, copyright, trademark and design

consult on patent, copyright, trademark and design

About This Gig

Little bit about me
I am a registered, practicing patent & trademark attorney with an experience of over 7 years in the industry. I have filed more than 400+ trademark, 250+ patents and designs applications.

I have advised many companies on IP issues like Freedom to operate, Non infringing launch of the products and helped several companies and individual inventors in removing infringing products from the market.

Services Offered
1) Trademark Search and Consultation on possibility of getting the mark registered ($5)
2) Trademark Filing ($25)
3) Copyright Registration and advise ($20) 
4) IP agreements ($20)
5) Non-disclosure agreements (when you present your projects to investors or others or when you outsource your project to others) ($20).
6) Answering 5 questions about IPR ($5)
7) Perform Patentability search for your invention ($250)
8) Draft a ready to file provisional patent application ($300)
9) Draft a ready to file complete patent application ($400)
10) Make patent drawings as per USPTO standards ($5)

NOTE: Contact me before ordering this gig