I will write any agreement with unlimited revisions

write any agreement with unlimited revisions

About This Gig

"Unlimited Revisions" at Just $10

I will draft any agreement for you with unlimited revisions. 

Following are the examples (few).

Sales-related Contracts

Bill of SaleAgreement for the Sale of GoodsPurchase OrderWarrantyLimited WarrantySecurity Agreement

Employment-Related Contracts

Employment AgreementEmployee Noncompete AgreementIndependent Contractor AgreementConsulting AgreementDistributor AgreementSales Representative AgreementConfidentiality AgreementReciprocal Nondisclosure AgreementEmployment Separation Agreement


Real Property LeaseEquipment Lease

General Business Contracts

Franchise AgreementAdvertising Agency AgreementIndemnity AgreementCovenant Not to SueSettlement AgreementReleaseAssignment of ContractStock Purchase AgreementPartnership AgreementJoint Venture AgreementAgreement to Sell BusinessIf you need any other agreement please message me. I will give that agreement too.
100% satisfaction guaranteed. Unlimited Revisions. 

100 % Money back guarantee.