I will hold your sign with different face expressions for $5

/ 1 Days On Average
hold your sign with different face expressions
hold your sign with different face expressions

About This Gig

 unlike guaranty & 100% safe....kindly order me now....thnks
I offer you a package of 5 photos with different face expressions holding your sign, logo or message for only $5 within a day so you can pick your favorite!

Extra Gigs: Photos Outdoors (Avila Mountain landscape in Caracas Venezuela), makeup, particular outfit (depending on existence), printed logo/message/image or any other thing you have in mind! 

Check out the Extra Gigs!
  • Use makeup/particular outfit/printed logo, message, image, website,etc $5
NOTE If you want 2 or all of the items in this Extra Gig please select $10 or $15
  • Take photos outdoors/specific client's request. $5 +1 Day

I'm willing to help you in what you need! If you're not quite sure what do you want, don't worry! Contact me first and together we'll create your vision!

If you're not fully satisfied, no problem! I'll give it another try until you're happy with the result! 

I reserve the right to decline offers I am not comfortable with.