I will create a business model for your NGO for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
create a business model for your NGO
create a business model for your NGO

About This Gig

One of the things I like to do the most is helping social projects. Specially regarding ecology and community empowerment.  I will really like to help if you have an idea.

I will help create a basic business model for Non - profit organizations. For all my services I send a confidentiality statement.

The basic statement includes ONLY my idea on how you should work into your business.

I don't make "Fast deliveries" because I like to learn about the project and really think about it before sending back the document.

The delivery consists in a graphic representation of a Business model proposal with comments on each aspect of the model and some ideas to complement it (it is something between 3 to 5 pages).

Furthermore I can send you a special platform that you can work with your team to create a more accurate business model. I check it and adapt the platform to each project.

When you have your document (in my basic gig I tell you how to structure it) I can check it and add my comments on it.

If you think need professional guidance with youtr team I can organize online workshops with you and guide you to the creation process.

Contact me if you have any question!