I will type your jobs and scanned documents

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type your jobs and scanned documents
type your jobs and scanned documents

About This Gig

I can type and retype all the documents you decide in a professional and creative way:

  • If they are scanned documents, I could help you with a fast and accurate typing and you will get the digital file.

  • If your needs are jobs documents, they are my priority too, so I will do typing and editing as professional as possible like you requiere, from and to diferents formats (Pdf, Word or Excel).

Important: I´m able to handle and work with documents in diferents languages (English, Spanish, French and German).

If you have special requirements I could send you a personalised order...

Please get in touch first to ensure I can help you with your order. I will be happy to help you! 

Order Details

Professional Typing

Typing includes a proffesional profil with revision

  • Graph or Table Creation
  • Formatting & Clean Up
3 days delivery 1 Revision