I will perform a monologue of your choosing

young actress that loves to get into character. gives you exactly what she describes in her gigs and is willing to give things a try. I use these videos and voice overs to create short training videos that are entertaining on very dry finance topics. Robert C. managing director, KPMG
Reviewed by bobclair 4 months ago
A wonderful young actress! I make funny videos to teach dry topics in finance. Seller delivered a wonderful performance - just what I needed. Robert C Managing Director KPMG
Reviewed by bobclair 4 months ago
Great job! Thanks!
Reviewed by barryalan1 4 months ago
Excellent performance! Great communication, great gig! Highly recommend for acting out a monologue!
Reviewed by nairbachilles 8 months ago
Thank you very much. Another great job.
Reviewed by jeffvoyles over 1 year ago
This went above and beyond my expectations! You can tell that there was genuine effort put into it, that she was trying to make it sound as realistic as possible. If you're looking to have someone play the role of somebody on the other end of a video chat, this is the girl for you!
Reviewed by justindbz123 over 1 year ago
A perfect monolouge for my film. What a great accent. Just what i needed; font facing against a wall/plain background.
Reviewed by ontoline over 2 years ago
Excellent. Certainly adds tone to the movie it'll appear in.
Reviewed by interrogecath over 2 years ago
Truly impeccable acting with an exceptional ability to find moments of genuine discovery in the text, and the craft and hard work to bring out honest and authentic dimensions of characterization that keep a recurring role fresh and interesting.
Reviewed by kafkamitch over 2 years ago
Another exquisite piece of work with profound attention to characterization in every way---a rich emotional range conveyed visually as well as through the nuanced reading of the script, truly bringing a complex character to life.
Reviewed by kafkamitch almost 3 years ago
As always, a wonderfully acted performance with a level of theatrical technique that embodies and shapes a character with gestures, intonation, and facial expressions that bring each word and meaning to life in an emotionally honest manner.
Reviewed by kafkamitch almost 3 years ago
Truly exceptional; truly embraces the character and finds the right tones. Continually impressed and highly recommended. A unique and exciting gig!
Reviewed by kafkamitch almost 3 years ago
perform a monologue of your choosing
perform a monologue of your choosing
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About This Gig

For $5, I will perform a monologue of your choosing up to 3-minutes long on video! This can be something from your favorite play, your favorite movie, or even something you have written! It can be dramatic, comedic, sarcastic--whatever you'd like!

Why do I want to perform monologues for you? I'm an ever-aspiring actor with a day job and not enough guts to actually pursue acting professionally right now and--by golly--I need to let off some creative steam! So, perhaps I can make you laugh. Maybe I can even make you cry. Either way, let's have fun.

Now, while I've spent my entire life performing, I'm no classically-trained actor, so don't expect your Shakespearean soliloquy to be perfectly executed. But, I will be honest and try to give you something special. Maybe we can share a unique creative moment together :)

Note: Please do not place orders for obscene or otherwise suggestive material to be performed. If you think you have a legitimate request that falls within these parameters, please contact me before placing your order.