I will do any statistical analysis in SPSS or Excel

do any statistical analysis in SPSS or Excel

About This Gig

I can help with your data analysis:
- Making your raw data tidy for analysis. 
- Exploratory data analysis.
- Graphics and tables.
- Descriptive statistics.
- Inferential statistics: Bivariate and multivariate tests (including regression, factor analysis, Anova and many more).  Both parametric and non-parametric test. 
- A report of the analysis.
- I could suggest a statistical test according to your objective. 

For 5$:
- Getting the raw data ready for analysis
- The statistical analysis you need.
- A brief report of the analysis in APA format (250 words)

Just sent me your data in SPSS or Excel and I'll be happy to help!

If you have any question, please contact me before ordering.