I will help you cultivate a personal brand

help you cultivate a personal brand
help you cultivate a personal brand
help you cultivate a personal brand

About This Gig

Personal Branding isn't ONLY for business owners who provide services as a product. Personal Branding is actually even more effective for many people who work in the corporate world.
Personal Branding covers things like your long term professional goals, how to network, present yourself and direct your means to get there!

Guides and assistance covers:
Vision Setting Booklet
Personal Presentation
Building a brand book
Identifying Client Personas
Applying your brand on social media and in the work place
Building a professional network
Creating a Marketing Strategy
Creating a Content Calendar

Prompts and PDF's provided and any additional assistance you may need 5 days after purchase!

Order Details

4 days delivery

Branding Workbook

I'll send over a DIY consultation workbook and offer help along the way!

  • Tailored Action Plan
  • Customer Segmentation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How extensive is the workbook?
    The book is very in-depth and varies as it's completely tailored for each person that it's meant for. However, it ranges around 20 pages and has additional charts and such to develop your strategy.
  • What is the process like?
    The price you're paying for includes an initial verbal consult to gather the details needed, your personal tailored workbook to get you your results, and consultation periods with me for up to 1 month after purchase. (regarding your workbook contents only).
  • What consultation do you offer with the workbook?
    I'll be available to help offer insight and explanation where needed as you work through your branding process. This is valid for up to 1 month after purchase as it may take a while to complete. The consultation is not necessary if not desired, but is included in the cost of the workbook.