I will send you Press and Announcement Templates

send you Press and Announcement Templates

About This Gig

Why pay someone to write your press release or company announcement? Equip yourself with a kit of some of the most well written and comprehensive press and company announcements available. 

Through this, my newest gig, I am sharing the tricks of my trade, press releases and company announcement templates tailored to the specific needs of your business. Large or small, collecting templates for your future needs can only contribute to your productivity and success. 

In this kit you'll find:

Press Releases for
  • Major Developments
  • New Products or Services
  • Employees
  • + More

Templates for
  • Responding to Bad Press
  • Formally accepting invitations
  • + More

Through my gig extras you'll find:

  • The opportunity to have me write your Digital Press Release. These releases are optimized for the web and make particular use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization).
  • My representation as an Agency on Record. My 8 year old agency  has a track record of success and my representation will lend credibility. You will also find some good organic traffic being linked to my many high profile releases.
  • Distribution to my networks of Small to Large Businesses, Media Professionals and Bloggers.