I will give you LinkedIn Endorsements

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give you LinkedIn Endorsements
give you LinkedIn Endorsements
give you LinkedIn Endorsements
give you LinkedIn Endorsements
give you LinkedIn Endorsements
give you LinkedIn Endorsements

About This Gig

You want to supercharge your job hunting?
You want more sales on LinkedIn?

I give you LinkedIn Endorsements to Boost your LinkedIn Profile!

- Your visitors will see how great your skills are
- Your LinkedIn profile will rank higher in search
- You will be endorsed by real people
- It's absolutely effortless on your part, we do the hard work

- 500 endorsements total
- 20 new businessmen connections
- 25 endorsements from each person
- Within 4 days (2 with EXPRESS delivery)
- All profiles are from the U.S. 

If you don't like the received service for any reason, I give you your money back!

The service is totally safe, because unlike many other sellers we are REAL people, with REAL profiles, we DO NOT USE any automated method, we deliver the endorsements BY HAND.

Service details:
20 people from the U.S. will endorse the TOP25 of your skills. If you have 25 skills you will receive 20x25=500 endorsements. If you have less skills the total amount will be less. Every skill will be endorsed equally, +20 endorsements to each. The extra connections that you can order does not include extra endorsements.

Order Details

500 LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn Endorsements

4 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I chose what specific skills to endorse?
    Yes you can! You can rearrange your skill list any time, you decide what skills should be on the top or on the bottom. Please move your selected skills top the TOP25 positions of your skill list. The 20 people will endorse exactly those skills what you’ve selected, by putting them to the TOP25.
  • How to rearrange the skill list?
    Open your profile on a computer go to your skill list and click the pencil icon next to it. Now you can drag-and-drop the skills with your mouse anywhere you want. This feature doesn’t work on the mobile app, only on a computer.
  • Can I chose how many endorsements I want to each skill?
    We will deliver the same amount of endorsements to your skills, but after the delivery you can change this. Click the pencil icon next to the skill list and click the “manage endorsements” link, where you can make some endorsements invisible. This way the number of endorsements will be different.
  • Can I have more endorsements than 500?
    Yes you can, just order the PLUS 500 endorsements EXTRA service. That gives you another 20 people with new 500 endorsements. You can order that multiple times. The maximum you can order to a single profile is 2500 endorsements from 100 people, what makes your skills go up to 99+ endorsements.
  • Can you split the service to two profiles? Let’s say 250-250?
    No. In one gig I will do only one profile. I will not split the endorsements to more profiles. If you want to endorse more profiles please order the service multiple times.
  • How fast is the express delivery?
    The normal delivery time is 4 days but if you are in a hurry, I can provide express delivery for you. The delivery time depends on you. You will receive invitations on LinkedIn that you need to accept. If you accept the invitations fast, we can endorse you within 24 hours with the express service.
  • What is the 100 connections service?
    If you are new on LinkedIn, you might not have any connections. It would look unnatural if all of your connections are endorsing you, so you can get 100 connections to make this ratio realistic. For example 20 people will endorse you but you will have another 80 who won’t. This is a more realistic.
  • Can I delete the connections later?
    I don’t recommend doing that because removing those connections who endorsed you will remove the endorsements too. Only those people can endorse and recommend you on LinkedIn, who are your contacts. Strangers can’t. You can freely remove those connections who didn’t endorse you.
  • What is the avatar mixing/randomization?
    To endorse all your skills at once is easier, quicker. That is the BASIC service. But that makes your skill list look a bit weird because the avatars will be aligned in vertical rows. We can mix/randomize the avatars but that is three times more work for us, so you can order it as an extra service.