I will send 30 minutes energy healing to you

Awesome experience with Linkpassion, this is a must try gig for all! Thanks again!
Reviewed by jahnzef almost 2 years ago
thank you so much, Linkpassion did some medition for me,communication was great.
Reviewed by meibohu almost 2 years ago
send 30 minutes energy healing to you
send 30 minutes energy healing to you
send 30 minutes energy healing to you
send 30 minutes energy healing to you

About This Gig

This gig works to clean your Seven Chakras from any blockages cause by many factors. Scientist have found meditation are so effective for release pain, anxiety and depression. I have been practicing meditation for many years for spiritual path and had succeeded in this path on 2010. 

I can help you to have positive dream come true. It is very effective. The success rate is very high. No bad wishes.

Energy healing by meditation and chant is the most effective technique to remove your body stress, improve your body energy, release body ache, remove bad curse and improve your luck!

Depression can be happened when the flow of your spiritual energy inside your body is restricted.  When your body have enough cosmic energy, you will feel energetic and happy every day.

Your satisfaction is guarantee, it is my life goal to help people to improve their cosmic energy to be better in their life, especially for meditators to attain enlightenment.

From time to time I will do meditation. In case I am responding late it means that I'm chanting or at meditation state. But I will get in touch with you as soon as I am getting back.

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