I will correct spelling and grammar errors

correct spelling and grammar errors

About This Gig

My objective is to provide the best service and to my client's satisfaction as I strive for efficiency.  I have a passion for accuracy and work done in a timely manner.

I possess more than fifteen years of progressive experience in the corporate world.  My professional history includes positions such as operations officer in charge of customer service and also officer in charge at a financial institution as well as officer in charge at a printery.


I will edit your English document consisting of up to 1200 words, and has spelling and grammar errors. I believe I possess the necessary skills and experience that could be applied to check your document for spelling and grammar errors. I pursued a Business Administration/Banking course and attended training seminars. I am familiar with the computer working with MS Word, MS Excel and PDF among other softwares.

My present responsibilities include the preparation of reports in MS Word and MS Excel formats for submission to the relevant authorities.

Let me do your gig, you will be totally satisfied.