I will listen and help you with any problem

listen and help you with any problem

About This Gig

We have all been there. We have a problem in our life. Whether it be from a relationship or work or anything in between.  Sometimes we feel like we cannot tell anyone close to us what the problem is.  For me I had no one to talk to and it drove me down a dark path. Fear no more my friends I am here. My name is Nick and I have been down that dark road before. I made it with help and so can you. I will listen, never judge, and help you move forward.

In my years on earth I have specialized as a counselor, a reform officer. I feel that my talents can best be utilized one on one and with out the constrictions that working for the state  offered. 

So what do I offer?  One I offer complete privacy.  Anything said between us will stay between us.  I will help you in any way I can. Life is short and we spend too much time on our troubles. I want to help you move past the troubles and enjoy life. Once we start I know you will be on your way. 

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