I will produce instrumental jingle for your brand

produce instrumental jingle for your brand

About This Gig

Dear Customer,
Thanks for reaching me out here. I would like to help you providing short jingles that identify your brand anywhere.

Hit me back with your brand vision, music genre tastes and any other thoughts that helps us on this way for producing an original and catchy sound for your audience.

For the best results, I always like to know all requirements of your music project before being awarded by you with a gig order.

Please feel open to contact me. It will be an outstanding experience to serve at your orders.

All the best from Venezuela,


Order Details

7 days delivery

Contact before placing a gig order

Contact before placing a gig order

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is instrumental jingle about?
    It is a full recording of non/organic instruments, mixing and mastering of short commercial song that identify your brand anywhere
  • What is the difference between organic and non-organic instruments?
    Organic instruments are real performed by human beings. Playing guitar, ukulele, drums, percussion, etc... are examples of organic instruments sounds. Non-organic instruments are the one created by the assistance of electronic devices and computer software (e.g. Synths and drum machines patterns)
  • What is mixing and mastering?
    Mixing is an art of modifying sound waves to achieve specific sounds. This is where volumes, EQ, compression and other modulation effects are applied. Mastering is an art of giving a finished mix the last sound enhance based on the final destination of the jingle (e.g. social media, radio, etc...)