About This Gig

Please message me before ordering!

Thanks for all the orders!!

I will improv a unique song just for you! (love song, background for a video, etc...)

I will do studio recording for your music.

my instruments:
violin, guitar, mandolin, viola

1st instrument at 30 seconds is 1 gig,  All other 30 seconds per instrument costs 2 gigs.

High quality mic (apogee one & audio technica) included

Write music for your track $40 (see extras below)
+add 2 gigs for every 30 seconds extra

Example: violin 1 minute = $15
2 violins/guitar 1 minute = $45...

*I retain the rights on music I write and create, but you will own a personal license and have permission to use anywhere (including advertising, just not directly re-selling the music). 

Contact me with any questions.