I will advise on career direction using numerology

advise on career direction using numerology

About This Gig


I'm Diana, French born Chinese. I love healing people and inspire them to live a happy life!
I am a psychic and numerologist and am always impress how a simple date of birth can reveal so much about ourselves!

For only $5 I will advise on career direction using numerology. This gig is useful if you are wondering which industries and type of jobs are beneficial for you, if you are considering changing career direction or just taking a new job. You will also learn about yourself and how you can be more effective at work.

My readings are caring, non judgemental and compassionate. My style is honest and straightforward and I never sugarcoat my readings. If you are not ready to read what I'm being shown, please do not order from me.

- All readings are confidential
- I won't read on Health, Gambling, Third party privacy without their consent

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3 days delivery

Advise on career direction

Advise on career direction using numerology

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I am unsure of my true Date Of Birth?
    Whether you know or not your real DOB, it doesn’t matter. Most important is that you provide the MOST USED DATE OF BIRTH as it holds the most energy for you.
  • What does the Full Report include? 1/2
    Full report explains everything, from your life challenges that explain your main struggles and life patterns, challenged relationship with parent (if applicable), your best solution when encountering challenging situations, your gifts, how people perceive you, who you really are...
  • What does the Full Report include? 2/2
    (Continued) ... what is your life purpose and how you can achieve it. Full report also includes illustrations of what is beneficial for you.
  • What is the Compatibility reading?
    Compatibility reading will show you the dynamics between you and the other person you want to understand. It will bring clarity on how each of you work and how you can better interact together. This could be for love, family, friendship, colleagues, etc.