I will send you success tips and system of online promotion

send you success tips and system of online promotion

About This Gig

I have hosted live television for 15 years. I have won broadcaster of the year, most innovative tv host, and won best show show two years in a row. I have appeared on the fight network, America Life Network, America One, and local affiliates. I can help give you tips on where to start, or suggestions on where to continue, no matter what your skill level.
  • For $5 I will send you a report with tips and suggestions on how your site can be more attractive, interesting, informative and successful with your visitors and potential clients. Learn why you could be missing out on sales. 
  • For $10 I will visit your business website (one) and give you helpful and practical suggestions that will give you a fresh perspective on things you can do to improve the visitor's experience and increase sales. I will not make the suggested changes for you. I will visit your site once, but will clarify any suggestions if necessary. 
  • Website must be in English. 
  • For $15 you get the report and review. 
  • If you have any questions, please ask!
  • NEW: now offering business consulting, message me for details.

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1 day delivery

just add real people

I have won broadcaster of the year , so people will follow you

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