I will format and convert to kindle or createspace ebook

outstanding job!! thanks :-)
Reviewed by bonnieg almost 2 years ago
format and convert to kindle or createspace ebook

About This Gig

I will take your manuscript (must be in a word .doc or .docx format) and convert it to your desired book size (5x8, 6x9, etc) using createspace guidelines for PRINT. or as EPUB and MOBI files for kindle

For just $5,I will help you convert your book into Createspace or KIndle accepted formats that's ready to be published.


This basic gig is for a manuscript that’s not more than 50 pages, check the extra gigs below if your manuscript has more than 50 pages.

This gig is for either Kindle or Createspace formatting and not both

If you have your manuscript in pdf format, please contact me first.

I am super fast in delivery and will also make sure you get the best value for your order.

If you also have a children book or any other book with images,contact me first