I will mail a handwritten thank you note to anybody from YOU

mail a handwritten thank you note to anybody from YOU

About This Gig

Is your Gran an old fashioned lady who expects an old fashioned thank you card for that birthday sweater? How about an employee who went above and beyond, but you just don't have the time to sit and write out a card and get it mailed? This is your chance to be sincerely thankful, but quickly. Just provide me with five things:
1. The address of the recipient
2. Your return address if you choose to include it
3. What you're thanking the person for
4. Why you appreciated it or what you used it for, plus any other details you want mentioned
5. Whether you prefer a more feminine or masculine penmanship
I will do the rest! You'll sound eloquent and thoughtful, your handwriting and grammar will be impeccable, and your card will be elegant and dignified. The stationery is unisex, but please specify if you want something less elegant, or if there's something else you wish to include, such as a pressed leaf or a spritz of perfume. I am happy to oblige at no extra charge.
Your privacy is important to me. I do not sell or redistribute personal information. Once I mail your card, your info is shredded. 

Order Details

3 days delivery

One thank you, sent to any address

A detailed and tastefully handwritten thank you card on embossed parchment with your return address