I will find out what your pet thinks of you through tarot

This was a fantastic reading! I loved it, and if my dog could read, he would love it too. Well, if it was printed on paper, he would eat it instead of reading it, but I'm sure he would still love it!
Reviewed by kimberleybelton 12 months ago
find out what your pet thinks of you through tarot

About This Gig

Have you ever wondered, deep down, what your pet really thinks of you?

Wonder no more! Using a three card tarot spread I will divine your pet's true opinions - whether you're the true beacon of their day, that irritating person who stops them rolling in the smelliest substances they can find, or if you're just their favourite self-warming bed.

You will recieve a photograph of your reading plus an interpretation of at least 300 words, some of which might even be polite.

Note: This reading is just for fun. I cannot be held responsible for how sarcastic your cat may be, how enthusiastic your dog is, or what your goldfish really thinks of your shoes.

After buying this gig, you will be asked to provide the name, species and gender of your pet (I'm afraid I'm not that psychic). There are options to attach a picture of your pet and add any other information you think I should know. While I can and will do a reading without these, knowledge of your pet's particular quirks will help me make the reading funnier. And I really like cure pet pictures.

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